Why do you need me?
I raised my sons as a single mom, writing full time and publishiing with the New York publishers -- won some very  nice awards, and got lots of praise from the critics.  So I do know this business from the inside....and I know this busniess as a writer. 

I know what each book means to its author.

The publishing world began to change and some of my writing students started publishing their books themselves.  Many signed on with 'publishers' who promised them bestsellers in this 'brave new world' of  publishing.  And I saw those books languish and sell maybe 10 copies.  My students shrugged and  mumbled something about how the book didn't do all that well.   

I could tell they were hurting.

Of course they were!  Every one of us puts part of ourself into that  book.  It is part of us, and when it doesn't do well, we feel it. 

We feel like failures.

But you know what?  Those books were not bad.  Some had more limited audiences than others, but they should have attracted more readers than they did.   They should have been profitable.  And these hopeful writers had paid thousands to these 'publishers'.  For what?

When I bought and read those books, I understood why they weren't succeeding!  The books were full of typos, the covers were poor, the 'promotion' they'd paid for didn't reach readers, and they had never been edited.

They'd been scammed!

That really ticked me off, and I started to help my students.  I followed a lot of writers to see what worked and why, subscribed to dozens of blogs by authors who were selling lots of books and analyzed the 'why' and 'how' of their success.  Boy, does that change month by month!  And eventually New Writers Interface was born. 

There is no 'magic wand' to make your book sell.  It's not the 'right' promotional campaign, it's not the 'right' publisher, or the 'right' title or book launch.  No, it's a combination of a book that meets reader expectations, a professional job of publishing, and an effective promotion.  All three legs of this stool need to be present and then…you have a solid success!

You have to be on top of what works  now.  What worked last year, six months ago, last month, may not work now.  And there is no 'one size fits all'.  It's an organic whole -- your book, the readers who will love it, and the path to reach them.  It is never the same for any two books.  Each individual book is unique and needs to be dealt with as unique in editing, in publishing, and in marketing.

And that's what I do. When I take you on as a client, your book matters to me the way my own books matter to me.  We're going to make it the best book it can  be!
That's my promise to you!
Mary Rosenblum